The Gift Buying Season is Nearly Here!

Okay, so it is early for considering Christmas presents.

However, I know at least one person has been asking around for what to get me. So I’ve written, or rather I’m writing up a wishlist. You might want to bookmark that page, ’cause I’ll just keep on updating it so that when Christmas is done and gone you can check the same page again for my birthday.


Escalation Campaign – Game 9

We’re crossing a major threshold with this game. With over 1500 points of miniatures, we found that we could barely fit on Gem’s 30inch long board. Regularly playing on such a narrow strip of land has probably restricted the tactics both of us have used. So we’ve moved the gaming location over to my 48inchx36inch board. Continue reading

WoW Miniatures Game

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft franchise is expanding into almost every medium. The latest incarnation is the CMG from Upper Deck Entertainment. UDE is already publishing the CCG for WoW so it makes a sort of sense using them again. That said to my knowledge UDE has never done CMGs before, so they’re breaking into new ground. Continue reading

The Construction of Magic

So far my deck construction has been very haphazard. So I add a look at various sources on the net. My really big limiting factor at the moment is my relatively small collection. I have few multiples of cards and those I do have don’t work fantastically well together. I had picked up the going rogue pre-constructed deck which though good has severe shortcoming against mono-white decks. Unfortunately, that is what I’m usually playing against (along with a red/green duo-deck.) Continue reading

Virgin Magic

This being the first time we’ve played Magic, I had intended to make the learning/teaching as simple as possible. So it wasn’t the plan that there would be three players. Rather, my intention was that only Gem and I would be playing. Penny’s addition probably made the game that much more fun. Of course, it also meant that I’d taken a further step to creating a gaming group with a difference Continue reading

Escalation Campaign – Game 8

I fear I may have overstretched Gem for this game. Just before playing, I had introduced to Hive and so her mind was already reeling. Finally when the we had both got our armies deployed, Gem’s shock at being outnumbered possibly rattled her.
So a brief rundown of how the game went? I had managed to come out on top for the setting up rolls for terrain, deployment and first turn. Knowing that I was going to be facing a barrage from a catapult and archers every turn without being able return fire, I elected to charge in. The board we play on is really narrow and the number of pieces on the board meant that movement is highly restrained. I had managed to roll up Celestial Shield for one of my Skink Priests and managed to cast it on my cavalry. Gem then proceeded on my remaining units.
Continue reading

Escalation Campaign – Game 6 & 7 Catchup

This is a bit of neglect on my part and the fault of real life getting in the way.

Previous matches had taken place a while ago and I can no longer remember the details. .. All that’s sufficient to say is that I won Game 6 and that Game 7 was a draw. For some reason, there wasn’t prior agreement on what happens if a game’s a draw so we decided then and there that it would count as a a win for both sides.

The next game is important as my general has earned a mighty 9 honour points, putting him on the cusp of receiving a honour upgrade. If he survives.